Is There a Secret to a Happy Marriage?

This post contains affiliate links. Writing on marriage has not been a focus here on Joyful Mothering. Oh, there have been times when I have felt the nudge to write something. But, I struggle with trying to put my marriage into words or into a formula. It seems it's the one thing in my life that even I cannot fully understand.

You see, I'm one of those happy wives. I truly couldn't be happier and often wonder how I even got to this place. The road hasn't been perfect, by any means, which is all the more reason to scratch my head. My husband and I were married at a young age {right out of high school} and I can honestly say our love has grown deeper and mature together. 

I love my husband in new ways constantly. I believe that much of our growth together as a couple is an outpouring of our growth in our relationship with Christ. As we pursue Him, He changes us and that spills over into our marriage.

I can't tell you, in steps and formulas, how we got from there to here. I can tell you stories and offer scenarios of our marriage. But I cannot give any definitive "instruction". I can offer encouragement and challenge you, but what makes a marriage last and thrive is really up to the couple and how much they, as individuals, are willing to grow.

However, I do know there is a war on marriage in our generation and if there is one word I would use to describe what makes a marriage stand strong, it's commitment. We become accustomed to listening to those with bad marriages convince us there is something (or someone) better, that we shouldn't be looking out for the needs of our spouse if they aren't looking out for ours. We take in the lies and as they erode our mind, they destroy our marriage.

My dear friend Fawn, from Happy Wives Club, has just released her book, sharing her worldwide search for the secrets of a great marriage.

 Happy Wives Club Book

Fawn doesn't just offer the secrets of happy couples, she takes you on a journey. A journey through cultures and beauty and food. But also through the personal stories of couples who have weathered many storms in their marriage. This is not a how to book.

It's informative, yes. But it's an expedition, a quest to find those couples who've been married 25+ years, and tap into their lifelong marriage secrets.

With her detailed conversations and descriptive sights, you will feel like Fawn has packed you into her suitcase with her! Her tone is casual and truly fits her real-life personality, who I had the privilege of meeting at Allume back in October.

If you're wanting to keep (or find) that spark in your marriage, let Fawn inspire you through her book, Happy Wives Club.

So, is there really a secret to a happy marriage? Yes, I believe so. But I also believe they are different for different couples and they may not be what you expect. Throw away what everyone says about how "bad" marriage is and discover it's greatness for yourself. There is no other {earthly} relationship that can compare to that between a husband and a wife. And the secrets are worth seeking out.

Grab Happy Wives Club today.