Red heart-shaped candy on a wooden background. October 4

It's Saturday!!

I slept in until 7:45am, came downstairs and made my coffee. The children were getting their breakfast and I grabbed my lap top and headed back upstairs to get some client work done while the coffee brewed. Saturday's are computer work days for me. I work on VA projects, blogging projects, menu planning and lesson planning and it pretty much takes the whole day.

Twenty minutes later I came down and poured a cup of coffee and sat on the couch to do more VA work. The children were scattered doing various things. At about 9:45am I called them to complete their morning chores. After that, my husband came down, poured his coffee and turned on Netflix for some "Saturday morning cartoons". I moved my lap top to the kitchen to continue working.

I left for the post office at 11:30am to ship something back to a company that I was needing a refund from.

When I returned home, Jonathan and I discussed our upcoming weekly menu.

Day 5 Menu Planning

We both know we want to make some food changes so we discuss how that's going to look. Lunches are some of our most unhealthy meals because they resort to hot dogs and overly processed lunch meat, typically. We decide it best to buy a bulk thing of chicken and make "real food", even for lunches. So far I have chicken noodle soup with corn bread, and beans and rice on our menu for the upcoming week for lunches.

I also plan to bake more muffins and bread type products for breakfasts and snacks. Siding it with a piece of fruit and/or yogurt will work well.

Just after 1:00pm, my husband takes the children (all seven of them) out to run errands, including grocery shop. He does this every week and I stay home and work. He is my Superman.

And I work from then until 4:00pm on the computer.

After that I start dinner and they come home and we eat spaghetti. My husband tells me we are having a movie night and the kids want to watch Star Wars V so I hurry them through their chores and showers so there's enough time to satisfy that and a normal bed time.

We had to turn it off by 8:30pm because there was still a ways to go and the children needed to get to bed. So my husband prayed with them and off they went.

Then, we stayed up later than we should have watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I think it's time to forgo the evening TV and put my Bible reading in there (since I can't seem to wake up early) and possibly join a gym. No, seriously.

Until tomorrow...

31 Days 2014

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