Renewed Fellowship With Christ {a Testimony}

Balcony by brotherscott, on Pix-O-SphereLast week I had a strange incident happen in which my back suffered a strange surge of pain. I wrote about it in detail in a post called A Grumbling Spirit. I recommend reading it to understand the magnitude of the following testimony.

Sunday morning during praise and worship time, I told my husband my back was nagging me and felt weak on one side. It was pretty uncomfortable standing there, but I did so anyways. {If you read A Grumbling Spirit, you'll understand why}. Shortly after, my husband felt lead to go to the altar and worship. It was simply an act of surrender.  Soon after I had that same compelling leading, so I went. I was so nervous, heart pounding, because this wasn't a typical practice at this church. I tried to remain focused on just Him and nothing else.

By the end of praise and worship, my back felt noticeably better. In fact, it felt wholly better! I didn't go up for healing, just to worship. But I left whole.

After the experience I just got this sense that my fellowship with Christ had been renewed. My ingratitude and complaining spirit had put a divider in our relationship. After that morning, it was restored.

I wanted to share this testimony of God in my life with all of you. :) He is amazing, no?