Redeem the Daily Grind

Grace. It's something that God has been teaching me more and more about over the past couple of years. And while I'm yet learning how to receive grace, I need to learn to extend it much more.

Enjoy the Scenery

Life is too precious to be reduced to a task list. It's so much more than merely trying to get through it. That's not how I want to live my days and ultimately my life. Nor is that what I want for my children.

Maybe it is mundane at times, but maybe that's only because I'm not viewing it through the right lens. The lens of grace. That life is a gift to be treasured, not a day to get through.

It is so important for me to really shift my perspective, especially as we are entering into a new homeschooling year and ultimately a new season of our lives.

I want to approach life with excitement, not dread or worry of failing to implement my schedule effectively or get through my to do list everyday.

We need direction, yes. But that is merely a tool pointing us in the right direction. If we don't stop to enjoy the scenery and detour on some adventures along the way, it's going to be a boring ride. And have you ever noticed when you don't make the choice to enjoy the ride, you find anything and everything to complain about? Mmmm hmmmmm, me, too.

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise--the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. Hebrews 13:15

Praise. Isn't there always something to be praising Him for? Even if simply the very breath we take in each moment?

Before we can enjoy the scenery, we first have to notice its existence. We must open our eyes to the possibilities and let go of the imperfections. It's OK to venture out on a little side trail, that's not penciled in your schedule or curriculum. It's OK! And that's what makes our days interesting and life-giving.

I don't just want to live my life; I want my life hidden in Christ so He lives through me. I want to be lead, ultimately, by His Spirit, not my own agenda. I want His joy to permeate my being and everything I do.

To do that I must meet with Him constantly and consistently for a refueling. Only He can fill me up and I am filled only to be emptied again.

When I fail to return to Him, I run on empty. I lose strength, joy, peace, patience--all the fruit of the Spirit, which only works through me by His Spirit.

Everything must begin with Christ. Everything.

As we come into a new school year and new season of adoption, it will only be through His strength that anything good will be accomplished.

Next week we officially begin our lessons again and while I wrote a post carrying some tips on how to plan your homeschool, I didn't include making certain Christ was in everything. While He should be a given, He isn't, really, is He? Unfortunately, I think we forget about Him more often then we'd like to admit. I know I do.

That's why I'm leading a Hello Mornings group again this Fall. Because I so desperately need to wake up and start my day with Jesus. Not because someone told me I need to, or because so many other people are doing the same.

No, because trial and error in my own life have proven this is what's best for me. Mornings with Jesus are the key to making my day successful. Not because of anything magical about mornings. But because I simply choose to meet with Him, and mornings happen to be the best time for me.

Without Jesus, I cannot breathe. My days are suffocated by lack of His breath within me. I am dead. Professing my faith in Him is not enough to sustain me as a Christian. I need to walk it out everyday of my life.

Starting today. Today is filled with new grace, so I'll walk in it.