Psalm 37 Intro {Moms in the Word}

It is so good to be back in community again! Whew! Sometimes life can take it's toll, huh? The goal is to always "get back on the horse". We are entering a busy season as the holidays approach. I know many of you will be using advent devotionals as December arrives. The study I chose for this round is deep but does not take a lot of time. Instead of studying a whole book, we are going to focus on one chapter.

I am using Doorposts, Busy Mamas Bible Study guide for Psalm 37. It is an excellent guide that helps walk you step by step through digging deep into the word. You can get it as an eBook or a hard copy.

Today I'm just going to go through the introduction so it will give us a foundation and allow a little more time for those who want to get the study guide to grab it.

Stop and Listen

Before we enter into this study, I really want to just make sure our hearts are aligned and we are ready to truly dig in and receive His word.

Father God, I just pray right now for every woman reading this post today; for every woman who desires a deeper relationship with you. Align our hearts to receive your word and compel us to be consistent in reading. Remind us how much we need you and fill us up so that we can pour out and serve others. I pray you provide peace and rest for those seeking it and remind us to look to you as our source of joy. In Jesus' name....

I love how Pam opens the study by pointing us to Martha in Luke 10. I encourage you to take just a few minutes and read Luke 10:38-42

As a very busy, homeschooling, work-at-home mom of seven I can tell you that I can relate to Martha being distracted by serving. And I know that can sound bad. Distracted by serving? Wait, isn't that what we're called to do, is serve? Well, yes, but not at the expense of our growing relationship with Christ. We need to constantly be plugged in to Him. And I often find myself running on empty because I haven't taken the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to fill me up.

Pam makes an excellent point in her introduction:

"There's always something else to do. We're never 'done'. So if we wait until we're done or even until we think we have time to read and study God's Word, we probably won't ever get around to it."

Do you find this to be true in your own life? I know I have! God wants our first fruits, not our leftovers. That may be why so many encourage us to wake early in the morning and do our quiet time then. Not everyone is a morning person, though, and your first fruits may actually be at night because you're a night owl.

But there must be a point in our day when we make a hard stop to get with God.

Only one thing is necessary.

We can do our duties and rush around, but what do they mean when we neglect God? We can no longer allow ourselves to be robbed of our very necessary time with the Lord.

So I invite you to join me for this Psalm 37 study. We will meet here once per week. I will have a link up each Tuesday for you to share a post you've written on what you've learned. If you do not want to write a blog post, that is totally fine. Feel free to engage in the comments.

Sometime exciting I have coming in 2015 is I will be opening a Moms in the Word Facebook group so we can more easily collaborate there as well. I will be opening it for members beginning December 1st.

Question: In what way do you find yourself so busy in serving mode that you forget or fail to meet with God and just be filled with His Word and His presence?


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