Pruning for New Growth


There are seasons in our lives when God is asking us to let go of some things so what's left has room to grow. Sometimes it can seem like we can manage everything we have going on, but that's just it. Managing them won't give them the best chance at blossoming into something beautiful and effective.

Sometimes He has something even better for us but cannot release it until we let go of some of the other endeavors, even if they were at one point ordained by God. At times, He only ordains certain callings for a season before moving us into new growth. It's so important we are attuned to His voice and His leading.

I know when He's calling me out of something for something better, I will not have peace until I let go whatever it is I'm holding onto. When we cram in too much, each piece can only grow so far. Doing too much stunts the growth of everything. There is only so much space.

So, allowing God to cut some things out so He can further grow what's left is really a liberating thing! If He isn't connected to what we're doing, it isn't going to be fruitful anyways, and it's only going to choke what He does want to grow.

Think about the things in your life that would offer you much peace if you could let them go. That might be a place to start praying and asking God what He wants and to confirm that for you.

I have felt lead to begin letting some of my VA (virtual assistant) work go. I struggled with it for a little while because I wasn't sure if it was just me or if it was really God. But, as I started to release some of it, peace overcame me and I knew I was doing the right thing. It's simply a season. God has new growth for me and new growth for my family as we welcome in two precious new members in the coming months.

It's important that I make way for them to have room to blossom by offering them my time as they adjust into a family in an entirely new culture.

But maybe your season looks different. Perhaps you homeschool and you need to spend more time in a certain area of homeschooling--it could be planning, it could be teaching a certain subject, it could be teaching a specific child more closely.

Maybe it's in your marriage. Perhaps you need more time to be more intentional about connecting with your husband.

Evaluate your own life and season and see if God is speaking to you about letting something go or parring something down. What might it be?