Praying With Your Children

"Thank you Jesus for this day and thank you for this wonderful time that I've had. I pray I have a good night's sleep and I have a good day tomorrow. In Jesus' name. Amen." "Jesus I thank you for my boys and pray they sleep well and you keep them healthy. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Have you gotten to this point when praying for your children, or is this how your children pray? It's not hard to allow our prayers to become stale and insincere. Sometimes we can fall so hard into routine that that's exactly what our prayers become. Routine. And canned. This can be a danger because it leads our children to believe that prayer is nothing more than a part of "thing" we check off everyday.

They lack heart, power, and a real need for God. We may not believe we don't need God, but the prayers we spew out with our children are nothing less than hollow. Can you relate? Because I can.

This is not how I want to teach my children to pray. Prayer has power and it is effective, when we take the time to really pour ourselves into God. If we want our children to witness the power of God, we must pray powerful prayers.

Furthermore, this takes us into a deeper relationship with our children as we connect with God together. It's different than reading and learning the Bible, which is it's own gift. But praying together invites the power of the Holy Spirit to dwell among you and move you in ways you cannot imagine -- and in the hearts of your children. They will experience the power of God in a tangible way. Where God's word gives revelation, prayer gives transformation.

I don't mean long, wordy prayers. We know what the Bible says about those.

And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. -Matthew 6:7

Instead, when you pray with your children, pray with sincerity of heart. Saying the same prayers over, everyday does not allow for new growth or new insights. They're dead prayers. They don't call for action for real needs. That doesn't mean God isn't listening, but He isn't invited to move.

Morning Prayer Time

Many of us have probably developed meal time and evening prayer habits with our children. Most likely we repeat the same words most every single time.

Might I invite you, encourage, you to develop a time of morning prayer with your children? Gather your children either before or after breakfast and take 5-10 minutes to pray. And make this the most deliberate, genuine 5-10 minutes of your day.  This is the ground work to laying a foundation for a solid and powerful prayer life in our children.

What do we pray?

  • Gratitude ~ thank God for specific things in your life and the lives of your children
  • Scriptures ~ pray verses over your children {Praying the Scriptures for Your Children is a good resource}
  • Friends/Family/Unsaved ~ are there needs within your acquaintance or your children's?
  • The poor ~ don't overlook the poor. They desperately need our prayers.

Invite your children to pray as well. Allow and encourage them the opportunity to speak to God and become familiar with talking to Him. Reassure them He does hear us even when it seems as if there is no immediate response.

Perhaps you can record some prayers in a journal so you might come back to them later when God has answered them - whether it was how you thought He would or in a different manner.

Prayer is such a wonderful way for us to connect with God - let us not take it for granted nor fail to train our children of it's power and need.

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