Practical Ways to Live for God {That Include Your Children}

I don't know if any other mom's are like this, but I tend to keep my relationship with Christ more hidden than it should be. I don't mean that I hide my walking with Him, but rather I don't often speak aloud to my family about what He's speaking to me or what He's doing. I've always seen my relationship with Christ as a personal, intimate thing--just between Him and I. Not in a shameful way, like being "secret friends" with someone in school because you were afraid someone might see you together. No. Just simply personal and intimate. I think and talk to Him more to myself than I do out loud. Maybe many of you do that, too---even unintentionally.

And there is definitely a place for that.

However, I am beginning to see that my children need to hear about my relationship with Jesus and see me in acts of worship in places other than church so they know what it looks like. God is calling me to live for Him out loud; to make it very clear, without a doubt, whom I serve.

There are several ways to accomplish this.

Read God's Word Out Loud

Bible reading is but a beginning. And while having a secret place for just me and Jesus that no one else knows about is important, it's not enough. I need to bring that time to my children. Read them the Word as we begin the day. It must be an intentional act of living out loud.

Read God's word several times a day: At breakfast, mid-morning, at lunch and dinner,  before bed. Read different parts of the Bible: old testament stories, Proverbs/Psalms, Gospel readings, verses from the Epistles. Read a variety!

Displaying scripture around the house is a great way to see God's Word out loud, also.

Serve Out Loud

Serving others is another way to show we serve the Lord. The best way I can think of is to begin with serving your husband. That is what we were created for; to be helpers. Do your children see you as being a helper or hindrance to your husband?

Then serve your children. Do not make them feel like they are burdens, but blessings. Take delight in serving them! What a shift they will see in what it means to serve others!

Finally, get involved in a project together, whether at your church or in your community. This shows your children how you can step outside of ourself and reach out to others.

Worship Out Loud

Turn on the music and spend time together worshiping Jesus. Allow your children to see you worship through music.

Praise Him out loud throughout the day. "Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful, sunny day!" "Praise you Father for your mercy and grace today! You are wonderfully beautiful!"

Bring Him up in casual conversation: "Isn't God so miraculous to take care of the birds during the winter season?"

Pray Out Loud

Begin each day and invite the Holy Spirit to be active in everything you do.  Spend time in the mornings and evenings praying with your children.

Pray for your day, pray for one another, struggles they are having, pray for friends and relatives, pray for countries. There is no end to what you can pray for. The idea is to pray, and pray together.

Love Out Loud

Love God out loud!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

One of the best ways you can demonstrate God's love is by loving your children and loving others well. 1 Corinthians 13 is a wonderfully thorough explanation of what love does and what we are without it.

When you remain in Christ, He will remain in you and love flows so much easier that way.

The goal is to live for God together. Yes, have your secret place--this is important! But don't leave it there. Loving God out loud is just as important.

In what ways do you live for God out loud?

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