Planting The Word of God In Your Child's Heart

At times teaching children memory verses can be a tedious process. Sometimes we just don't know the best way to do it. So we don't. I think scripture memory is a lost art among TV, video games, cell phones, iPads, and the Internet. Unfortunately what it's come down to is we have to compete against this stuff. It's alluring and attractive. Not a sin in and of itself, but can be a major distraction. Being distracted is one of the biggest battles, I think, we face as followers of Christ; anything to pull us away from Christ and weaken our walk with Him is a distraction.

{Now stick with me because there is a giveaway and lots of other goodies at the bottom of this post.}

Scripture memory is a wonderful way to plant seeds in the hearts of our children so that as they grow, they remember God's word in order to make a decision, or when they are facing a difficult time in their life. They will have God's word sown into them and can cling to Him and the promises He made.

That's why I adore Seeds Family Worship.

This is our favorite resource for scripture memory, but it goes way beyond that. Scripture memory is but a result of what happens when we sing and dance for God through their music.

Each song is a scripture verse or series of verses straight from the Bible. They are crafted into a witty and fun song.

And I have a secret. My kids aren't the only ones who love their music.

I adore them.

So, as we go about our days, reading the Bible and doing our devotions, we come across verses we sang and danced to, and remember them. We read them in context and talk about them and they are of interest to my children because a seed was planted.

They are familiar with the words and this allows opportunity for even further discussion and teaching.

As they grow and lean on God's Word for wisdom, these seeds will sprout into their memory. As the Word becomes active in their life, that seed begins to take root and grow.

If they don't know the Word, they cannot grow. If no seed is planted, nothing can come of it. Seeds Family Worship is but one wonderful way to help intentionally sow into your children.

Today I want to help equip you with some Seeds Family Worship! There are some great things Seeds has in store for you!

  • First, take a sneak peek at some of the songs offered here.

  • At the bottom of this post is a raw video of my younger children dancing to one of their favorite Seeds songs. I wanted to share this song with you and Seeds Family Worship has graciously offered Joyful Mothering readers a FREE download of the song. I hope you love it as much as we do! Download here.

  • Also exclusively for Joyful Mothering readers is a 20% discount of your entire purchase from the Seeds store. Use coupon code JoyfulMothering20 to receive the discount. So if you do like the music and are interested in purchasing your own for your home, take advantage, friends! :)There is no pressure here to purchase a thing. My hope is to simply equip you with a wonderful resource. Seeds Family Worship agreed to help me do that. So, if you love it, great!

I own 5 out of 6 of their wonderful CD's already, but they offered me the one CD I didn't have as a review. Seeds of Character which is their latest release, is not disappointing. The songs feature scriptures that help build character.

There are so many great things about this company that I can't even call them a company!! To me they are a wonderful ministry trying to equip families to live out their faith. And they are equipping YOU to help them do that. Every CD actually comes packaged with TWO CD's; one for you, and one for you to pass along to a friend. For the same price. They even perforate the CD sleeve so you can easily tear and share, and keep your friend's CD protected and stored.


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