Perfectionism Kills Discipleship

Perfectionism is a life-sucker and a vision-killer. If we are aiming to have everything "just so" before we will begin to do anything, nothing will ever get done.MP900387299 MP900387262

For example, if you want to read the book of Proverbs out loud to your children, let's say at meal times, but you won't do it unless x, y, or z happens, then you are going to crush an important opportunity to disciple your children.

If you give up because you are consistently interrupted with questions or distractions, you'll never get anywhere. Discipling your children has to happen in the midst of a messy life.

Satan would love nothing more than to prevent you from leading your children to after day. And how we live our every-days is how we live our lives, says Ann Voskamp. Isn't that so true?

If day after day we give excuses on why we aren't leading our children to Christ, then our lives are spent only making excuses. I could not imagine looking back on my mothering years and thinking, "Well, I wanted to disciple and lead my children, but, I just didn't know where to start."

What's worse is, let's say my children are not serving the Lord as adults, all because of my excuses not to lead them.

This is our top priority friends! We have no room {or time} for excuses! Nothing can stand in the way of what God has called us to do.

If you are in need of resources but lack the financial means to acquire them, pray! God has enough to equip you with what you need! I did this very thing just a couple of years ago and now I am swimming in resources. I am not lacking! God has provided and now I simply need to put feet to what He has called me to do.

Without excuses.

Perfection offers us a million excuses. In fact, excuses will never rest if we are seeking out perfection.

Let go of the picture perfect Bible study and simply embrace the messy life; the interruptions, the spilled milk, the crying baby, the needy dog who needs to go out again, the training and correction that must take place.

Simply keep moving forward in your reading and study of God's Word. Take it a verse at a time; a lesson at a time; a question at a time.

There is no room for perfection in discipleship - otherwise there would be no room for discipleship.

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