Our Curriculum ~ 2010-2011

Although I haven't put any plan together yet for much of this, here I can at least share the books (or at least many of them) that will make up our home school this year. First up, is my 3rd graders curriculum. This is our 3rd year using Tapestry  of Grace as our core curriculum. So, we are entering into Year 3: The 19th Century.

So this picture below is our Tapestry curriculum, which includes most of the books. The rest will be borrowed from the library as needed. These books include history, literature, arts/activities, and worldview. You will find a complete book list of titles here.

My Kindergartner will also be using parts of Tapestry of Grace to help get him familiar with it. That way, when he begins it next year, he has already had a sampling. :)

Not pictured here is Geography, which is also built into Tapestry.  Tapestry of Grace is unit study based. It is history based with a strong writing program is it's core foundation.


This is the writing, Spelling, and Grammar/English resources we will be using (3rd grade) IMG_0899

Writing Aids is part of Tapestry's core. Below is a picture of an example of an assignment she will be doing this year...level 3.


Next is Bible study and character development: IMG_0902

My 3rd grader will be spending about 12 weeks working through The Young Peacemaker, which is a course that will teach her biblical conflict resolution. In addition, she will have daily, personal Bible reading & prayer time. We will also be doing projects from the Polished Cornerstones throughout the year. These projects will help train her as a homemaker and also teach her biblical characteristics of being a [young] woman.

And finally, math, science  & Nature study, drawing, and Latin IMG_0903

Apolgia "Exploring Creation" as well as Handbook of Nature Study for Science, Horizons Math, Prima Latina for Latin (first year), and Drawing with Child to nurture a gift and hobby. Now, Drawing with Children I will need a bit of help with. So, I will be using Barb's lessons she has posted on her Squidoo Lens. Barb has two wonderful blogs: Handbook of Nature Study in which she shares lots of nature entries and does a once a week challenge for us to get out with our children and study! She includes a link-up. She also has a fine arts and music blog called Harmony Art Mom and business called Harmony Fine Arts.

For my Kindergartner & Preschoolers, below is all the main books we will be using (ages 5, 3, and 2). Some will be for both "grades" while others are per child.


Some of these are just workbooks I picked up at Sam's Club. Others include:

The Children's Book of Virtues (bought at library for .10 cents! How awesome is that!?)

The Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for Four Year Olds (given to me by my Father in law)

The Real Mother Goose (my husbands childhood book)

Plants Grown Up by Doorposts

Mighty Acts of God (given to me in exchange for a book review)

The Veggietales Bible (this is a full length Bible, NIV)

Preschool Activity Workbooks (for 3-4 year olds)

Rod and Staff Preschool A-B-C series

Writing with Ease (I am not using the workbooks with this. Don't find them necessary)

In addition to these books, I will be pulling ideas from the following sites as well:

Hubbard's Cupboard

Confessions of a Homeschooler - Letter of the Week

1+1+1=1 Preschool and Tot School

I think that pretty much sums it up. I still need to create a schedule for all of this, of course. I will be sharing that at another time (like when I get it together, LOL).

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