On My Journey to Joy

Some of you may recall my one word for 2011. For those of you who are new {welcome!}, joy is my one word. I created this blog just 6 months ago and made it public a mere 4 months ago. It's purpose was simply to log this journey of joy meshed with mothering. It is with mothering that I struggle the most with joy, simply because it is such a tough, sacrificial [but rewarding] calling. In no way am I displeased in my role. I just have my challenges and joy happens to be one of them. My children bring me great joy. It's handling the not-so-fun-stuff that really challenges me. So, I have been seeking out ways to cultivate joy in my life and this is one such way:

I know many of you know or have read Ann's blog, A Holy Experience. If you have not, may I suggest [after reading this post], you detour for just a bit?  Her words will draw you closer to Jesus.

One Thousand Gifts was just released this month. Here you will see a glimpse of what you will find: [vimeo clip_id="18932980"]

(In)courage has teamed up with Bloom and we are going to read through One Thousand Gifts as a community. I am so excited for this! Every Sunday, beginning February 6th, Ann will be featured in a video discussing each chapter in detail. You can find out all the information on (in)courage's site.

Oh and another thing that is helping to point me in the direction of joy is this:


Are you planning on being in the book club? If not, would you consider it? You still have time to buy your book!


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