New School Year, New Commitment

Every year I find that I need to recommit myself to homeschooling, and often it's at a higher level. I admit it. Sometimes I grow weary and fainthearted. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and wonder why God ever asked me to take on such an endeavor.

But the summer brings a fresh perspective as well as rest. It helps me to regain focus and to know how to pray for our upcoming year.

This coming year, I will be adding a Kindergartner to the mix (lightly). As well as having some light "lessons" with my 2 preschoolers. Having my schedule together will be the key to this happening.

In addition, we're also adding a new baby to the mix. So that is sure to make things challenging!

Saturday, I am going to spend a good chunk of the day at the library in order to do some planning for the upcoming year. I will be using this week to jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, etc. on what to include. I've been trying to do this in the evening hours without much success. Either I'm too tired or I'm reading my Bible for the day. It's too difficult to concentrate while the children are awake because of the many needs involved.

So, this year, I am committing to once again home school and want to dive in with a whole heart, rather than something that is done literally half-heartily.