Mystery of History Projects

I'm an advocate for keeping things simple. I would much rather go deep then go wide. There is so much history to be learned and so many wonderful people to learn from and about, no one could possibly learn about everyone. This is something we must learn to be okay with. {This post is sponsored by Bright Ideas Press and includes affiliate links throughout. I fully endorse products from Bright Ideas Press and all opinions are my own}.

This is one reason I love The Mystery of History. The Mystery of History is part of the Illuminations curriculum.

Teaching Mystery of History is Simple

Mystery of History

I wrote previously on Illuminations as a whole but really want to dig deeper into each piece of the curriculum. The Mystery of History reads so simply, with a personal touch from the author, it's almost like reading history in letter form, rather than textbook style. Although it looks like a textbook (it's big and packs lots of history), it certainly doesn't read like one.

Additionally, it offers more hands on activities, not just Q&A at the end of each lesson. There are three levels of activities: Young, Middle, and High school students. Today I want to show you just a few from the Middle Students section.

MOH Lesson 2

Mystery of History Projects

In Lesson 1, younger and middle students were to create a Creation booklet. Here is just one page from my daughter's own book. She added a element to her book that I particularly enjoyed. If you look in the sky, above Eve, you'll see the fingers of God, holding a brush and brushing Eve's hair.

She illustrated all her photos to show the hand of God throughout creation. She has created creation books in the past, but this is the first time I have seen her connect God directly with the making of each thing in creation.

7 Days of Creation

In Lesson 2, Middle Students were asked to create a self-portrait. You see, the author wanted to make certain the students understood they were made in the image of God and every part of them was formed specifically by Him. It required them to pay attention to details.

God cannot be separated from history, and we are an important part of His story!

Self Portrait

One of my favorite ongoing projects is my daughter writing out the memory cards for each lesson. Writing out a few sentences from the students' own memory helps them own their own reading and write what they remembered, not what the textbook wanted them to remember.

Memory Cards


The cards are stored in this two ring folder for easy referencing.

Memory Card Storage

Mystery of History also includes research projects and field trip suggestions. We don't do every activity suggested, but one activity we are doing is a timeline.

I will save that for the next post!

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