My One Word for 2013


I used to be pretty good about being intentional--about my days, about my walk with Christ, about teaching my children. Unfortunately, it has been lacking lately and it's time to regain that focus.

So much is wasted when we live by default--when we live with whatever is thrown at us in the daily grind. Instead, I want to be prepared for the battle. I want to be equipped to handle my responsibilities. I want to be armed with the right tools to raise my children and teach them about what they need to know, academics and otherwise.

Living a life of intention requires a bit of planning ahead--knowing what I want and what it's going to take to get me there. I need to be sure my "wants" line up with God's heart otherwise my course will be all off.

Here are some major areas that being intentional will really make a huge difference:


We are hoping, praying, and expecting that we will be bringing home two beautiful girls from Africa near the end of 2013. This journey is not about us and "rescuing" orphans from poverty. Oh no, it goes much deeper than that. While God calls us to care for the orphans, adoption is not the only way to do that. But God has a plan for these two precious girls and we are simply His vessels to help bring that to fruition.

But, it requires some serious sacrifice on our part and having a solid, structured schedule in place is one of them. It is vital for the security of the girls to know what to expect--not to mention it's good for our children who are home now! But this will be a little tighter than what we're used to. So, the year 2013 will find me being more intentional about keeping to our schedule, allowing some flexibility, and maintaining a good attitude in the midst. Maybe that's a high bar, but if I know where to lean when I fail, it won't frustrate me as much when I fail to reach it. Hey, I'm just keepin' it real. I can't abolish all frustrations, but I can certainly minimize them!


 I have not been as structured as I'd like to be, though my children are definitely still learning. However, our read aloud time has slipped away and I miss it!

I want to be a bit more intentional about what we're learning, yet remain flexible enough to make it fun and meaningful for them. I like curricula to help give me a framework, but I cannot follow it to a "T". It boxes me and my children in and I don't like that. So though I use it, I don't allow myself to be bound by it.

When our girls come home from Africa, they will join in with our lessons, but will require more attention as they learn to speak more English (they know some), learn to read English and understand math concepts.

Part of my intentional goal is to help my older children be more independent in their studies. They are absolutely capable and I can make it fun and teach them responsibility at the same time.

Home Keeping

Again, this has slacked a bit. I want to help prevent the house from becoming the epitome of a tornado running through it. This will require that I make certain to check my kids chores on a daily basis. Not only so the house helps keep order but also to teach them responsibility as well.

Prevention is best! Cleaning as you go is awesome! I just need to be intentional and push myself to finish each task.


These past few months have found me slacking majorly in being intentional on my blog and in my writing (other than my eBook). I have so many things overflowing in my heart that I want to share in this space!! I do not want them to fade out before I have a chance to write them out!

I noticed last year brought a lot of interest in a marriage series I did. This year I will be adding some posts and series on marriage. Prior to blogging, I used to teach biblical marriage concepts in other online forums. The response of "The Husband Project" was so great, that I cannot ignore the obvious need for encouragement in marriage.

I also want to include some devotions--maybe weekly. It will help hold me accountable to stay in the Word knowing I need to share something the Lord is teaching me.

Finally, I want to read more--good writers are avid readers. I hope to share my book list for 2013 with you tomorrow! Some of them may over lap from last year since I didn't get around to reading all of last year's listed books!

This space will be a place to share how I live out my one word for 2013. It looks to be a busy year with big changes because of our adoption and I intend to make it count!!!

What's your one word? I would LOVE to know!!