My Cup Overflow[ith]

I way too often take for granted the blessings my children bring me. Yes, I get caught up in the day to day messes and discipline, sibling rivalry and constant demands required of having 5 children. And sometimes I have a hard time looking past all the challenges to find the gratitude.

So, in light of the mess, I find the joy:

4. hugs, kisses, & cuddles

5. smiles & I love you's

6. overall, well-behaved children

7. forgiving children

During the weekend, we removed everything from our living room and painted our white walls a whispering wheat. We removed several pieces of furniture to open up the room. I am thankful for:

8. the funds to personalize our home

9. The warmth colored walls brings to the room

10. The peace that comes from less [stuff]

Join us in giving gratitude?

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