My Book List for 2013 - January

So, rather than spending several hours compiling all the books I'd love to read in 2013, which could very well change and expand as new titles come out or are introduced to me, I thought it best just to list several books per month that I'd like to get through reading. I'll list those I'm currently reading in the sidebar. You'll find my writing books listed in the sidebar at my other blog.

Here are my titles for January:

Reading through this for the second time ( club details on this coming Monday!)


A book recommended for those adopting:

Have heard great things about this book:

And of course some books on writing:

A little inspiration...

Watch next month for a list of new books! I'll put the graphic from the top of this post to link to all my monthly book posts so you can easily access them throughout the year.

What are you reading this year? This month?