My Bedroom: Before & After

This weeks HOMEmakers Challenge was to clean up your bedroom. How did you do?? :) Last week I showed you before pictures of my bedroom. Yea, it was a mess. Today, I share with you the before & after pictures (sorry for the blur):

005 010











Let me tell you, it feels SO good to have this done. My room is so pleasant to walk into now and I DO smile!!! Now, if I can just do this with the rest of my house...ahem. :D

Now, the challenges I face keeping my room tidy are much the same for everything else: lack of time management. My favorite thing about my bedroom is my big dresser with the mirror. I just think it's a beautiful piece of furniture! I did add a pretty little scripture verse to it. You can see it in the "after" picture, on the bottom right of the dresser.

Sometimes I bring my lap top into the bedroom to write. I also read or journal. Even more so now that it's a place of peace for me.

I would love to paint this room in a nice, warm color. It is certainly doable. Paint is the cheapest way to get the most dramatic change. :)

I just want to encourage you -- work at it, a little at a time if need be, because it is soo worth it once it's done! I am going to move on to my next project because this one was so fulfilling.

I can't wait to see your before and after pictures!!

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