Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades

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A Comprehensive Music Program

Music Appreciation

What's a great way to introduce your children to great music and great composers? Use a great program.

I have not come across anything quite like the Music Appreciation program put out by Zeezok. It is the most creative, engaging, comprehensive program I think I have ever come across.

Music Appreciation

Zeezok takes music appreciation to a new level. Not only did my children learn some great music composed by some extremely talented and devoted musicians, they learned a great deal about those composers' lives.


Biography of Composers

Paganini Biography

This program comes with the biographies of seven composers: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and Schubert. These biographies are very well written and can either be read by a fluent reader or read aloud by you. I chose to read them aloud so my 3 eldest children could enjoy them at once. The stories even kept me rather fascinated.

They begin at the childhood of each composer and illustrate just how each composer came to be famous and what it took for them to accomplish that.

As we read about Paganini, a very poor boy who had an ear for a tune, it was amazing to me to read how his life unfolded and he could develop and play some of the most difficult compositions ever heard of in his time. It was so interesting to learn the impact and power of music in that time. Without all the noise we have today, people really had an ear for excellent music and they were more than entertained by it. It was soothing and relaxing.

The Workbook

Weekly Lesson Outline

The study of each composer lasts four weeks, though I admit we sped up and slowed down as we desired. That's the beauty of homeschool flexibility!

Each week consisted of a variety of activities that engaged different subjects surrounding the study of each composer. We would read and draw out different observations such as character qualities and historical facts.

For example, there were several people surrounding Paganini throughout his life. We would draw out their characteristic qualities and discuss how they helped Paganini succeed as a result.

Also included within the workbook pages was locating where these composers lived on the map. In the case of Paganini, my 6-year did a color by number page of Italy.

Music Appreciation Workbook

Music Appreciation Workbook


Another excellent, hands-on way this program includes to engage is through lapbooks. The Music Appreciation program comes with a LapBook CD-R which includes all the templates needed to create a lapbook for each composer. Each lapbook is unique and helps to solidify geography, musical concepts, parts of the composers' lives, etc.

The helps with memory retention because it sets our children's hands to work.

Paganini lapbook pictures

Overall, I without a doubt, recommend this program to all those looking for a Music Appreciation curriculum. Everything you need is included. It has been one of our favorite things to study in these past weeks. You can check it out on the Zeezok website.

Another thing I loved about this program is there is very little prep work involved. I'd say the most you have to do is print out the lapbook templates. Everything was prepped and ready to go otherwise.


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