Mothering a Large Family

It's a LARGE work load. It's a LARGE  sacrifice. It's a LARGE amount of organization & rhythm. It requires LARGE doses of patience.

Mothering a Large Family

There is nothing easy about mothering a large family. In fact, people like to make that very clear to me on a regular basis by telling me I have my "hands full". Correct. I have my quiver full (and it's still filling up)! But that doesn't mean God doesn't use me and is my portion. (C'mon, do you seriously think I do this on my own?!?!)

However, when people imply that I can't do it, or that it's too much for me, it makes me only want to rise to the occasion even more. As Elizabeth Bennet says to Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice,

My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.

Again, people mistake the notion that I am doing such an awesome task on my own. I am not.

So, what exactly is involved in mothering a large family? For one, everything is on a "larger than normal" scale.

Order & organization. Regular rhythms. Consistent discipline. Training in the Lord. Prayer and wisdom from God's word. Titus 2 women. Encouragement from others. Strength from God. And for me, the added adventure of home schooling.

These are just the few things involved. It is not an impossible task. But it is a great task.

There are days I go to bed with regrets. There are days I go to bed with a sense of fulfillment. But every night I go to bed recognizing how much more I need Him.

When my husband and I got married, we didn't plan on having 5+ children. But God knew. We are doing nothing less than following His lead, and often, that includes ridicule from others. Even those close to us. But, when we walk in the confidence of the Lord, the ridicule stings much less, simply because we know we are living out God's will.


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