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A while back God gave me a vision to start something, I don't know, a community of sorts for mom writers. My blog Joyful Mothering brings in hundreds of moms in need of encouragement and direction. But not everyone writes. Not everyone has a blog and not everyone has a desire to blog.

Earlier this year I had a vision to create a separate site to connect mom writers and help them through services offered and a blogging community, which was birthed as Joyful Living Media. It wasn't exactly what I was going for. Or maybe the timing was just off.

I watch the needs of bloggers through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. I see what's popular and I've kind of tucked ideas away in the back of my head {when really, I probably should have been writing them down}.

Moms need an outlet for creative expression--for many of us, that's writing. For some it's art or music. For me, it's writing.

I know there are many moms out there who so badly want to write, but run into so many challenges and walls they simply can't push through in order to get to that place--the place where pen meets paper or hands meet the keyboard.

It's tough trying to juggle house work and meals and nap times and play time with the hopes of having a few minutes to sit down and scribble out some words.

If you have a deep desire to write, it's because God has given you something important to say; a message to spread, and the best way for you to convey that message is through words.

I am a terrible phone talker. I stutter at times, mumble and fumble over my words. I don't think "on my feet" through the spoken word as well as I do through the written word. That's probably why speaking in public terrifies me.

So what is Moms Write? It's really simple: moms who write.

It doesn't matter what you write. You don't have to write about being a mom on your blog or anything like that. You're simply a mom who writes, or longs to write.

I have looked for a community that speaks specifically to mom writers about writing and have fallen short of finding anything that fits the vision I have.

I love reading blogs written by people of great influence--they typically have very large followings because of their knowledge and generosity to share it. But they also spend a lot more time than I have to reach that many people by making goals that can only be filled by a full time blogger. Even if that means paying someone to help them with the details.

The point is, as moms, some of who work outside the home, some of who homeschool, and everyone in between---it's time for us to embrace the reality that we cannot set as many goals for our blog or writing as people who do it full time are able to.

But, we can instead learn to be consistent and watch the time we do set aside to spend on writing compound and take shape and be used by God.

Sally Clarkson spoke at Relevant (now Allume) in 2010 about blogging with integrity and it has always stuck with me. I cannot write for all the world to see about challenging mothers if I myself am not willing to be challenged. I write openly and honestly about my struggles as a mom, but my goal is never to stay there. My blog is very much an accountability for me as much as it is an encouragement and help for other moms who seem to go through the same things I do.

For me, writing is an important make up of who I am. It's not just something I do. It's a part of me. But writing has a time and a place and I must set aside time to make it happen.

That doesn't mean I need to punch out a post every day of the week.

Maybe some of my writing won't be public, but remain between me and God alone. Maybe that's the case for you, too?

The goal is to set 15 minutes or 30 minutes or 60 minutes aside per day and just write. Maybe a blog post will come of it, maybe only part of one. The point is consistency.

The goal is also accountability, not just for writing, but for keeping mothering in the balance and Christ at the center.

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Welcome to the Moms Write community! Woot!