Moms, Let's Stop Complaining

{Day 10 Philippians 2:12-18}

Before I get into this very real issue, I want to make certain everyone here knows I have a complaining problem. There. I said it. And I despise it. So, let's get on with why it's poisonous in our homes and how we can change that, shall we?

Complaining is Poisonous

Complaining is poisonous not only to your soul, but also to those around you. Even complaining quietly can be seen in our attitudes. I have been ashamed at some of my complaints said aloud around my children. What would I think if I was the child hearing some of this stuff:

"Ugh. I cannot keep up!"

"I just cleaned this up! I am so tired of cleaning up after everyone!" (Yikes)

"I need to get out of the house."

Do you see how these words can make a child feel bad? They are destructive words. It implies we are unhappy in our roles and indirectly shames them. And really? We shame ourselves. I don't want to continue on this path.

Complaining is Unproductive

In fact, it is probably counterproductive. It slows us down and over time poisons the soul and spirit, making us grumpy, discontent, and critical. Complaining doesn't change whatever it is we're complaining about: housework, meals, homeschooling, loud children, out-of-control laundry, the never-ending-to-do-list.  It simply zaps us of energy and joy. It makes us ungrateful and unsatisfied and in the long run, depressed.

Complaining is Ingratitude

The hard truth? Complaining shows we are not content; we are not thankful. Quite the opposite of what God has called us to be. And for good reason. Gratitude is good for the soul and it honors God.

The bad habit of complaining comes from practice. And the only way to undo it is to practice the opposite: gratitude. Ann Voskamp has it right:

"The practice of giving thanks...eucharisteo...this is the way we practice the presence of God, stay present to His presence, and it is always a practice of the eyes. We don't have to change what we see. Only the way we see." -One Thousand Gifts

We want to feel the presence of God, yet we push Him away with complaints of what He's brought us. There is no life of ease, and believing motherhood is supposed to be easy is just completely false. But sitting around complaining about it doesn't change the fact.

God says if we need wisdom, to ask for it. He gives generously, without finding fault. (James 1:5)

What have you learned through your Bible study this week?

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