Moms in the Word {August Study Schedule}

How sweet are Your Words! Oh my how I've missed connecting with you through our time in the Word!!!! It has been such a time of celebration here!! Over two weeks our girls have been home and so far they are doing very well!

But I have sorely missed having some intentional time in the Word -- and let me tell you, I struggle to be in His word if I don't have some direction.

So, in August we are going to begin studying the book of James. Elizabeth George has a study guide for this book as well, but it is not required to read through the book of James. I will be using it as a guide to break down our weeks and offer additional insights into my own, personal time.

August 5 - James 1:1 POST/LINK UP August 6 - James 1:2-4 August 7 - James 1:5-8 August 8 - James 1:9-12 August 11 - James 1:13-16 August 12 - James 1:17-18 POST/LINK UP August 13 - James 1:19-27 August 14 - James 2:1-4 August 15 - James 2:5-13 August 18 - James 2:14-17 August 19 - James 2:18-26 POST/LINK UP August 20 - James 3:1-4 August 21 - James 3:5-8 August 22 - James 3:9-12 August 25 - James 3:13-18 August 26 - James 4:1-3 POST/LINK UP August 27 - James 4:4-6 August 28 - James 4:7-10 August 29 - James 4:11-12 September 2 - James 4:13-17 POST/LINK UP September 3 - James 5:1-6 September 4 - James 5:7-11 September 5 - James 5:12-18 September 8 - James 5:19-20 September 9 - Wrap Up Post

If you're interested in having the study guide by Elizabeth George, you can order a hard copy and receive in time to start, or just snag the Kindle copy.


What are you learning this week?

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For His Glory

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