Mommy Work Day

White cup with coffee on burlap with coffee beans October 3, 2014

Today the morning greeted me with a beautiful, orange glow throughout my room and the upstairs hallway. We have these large windows that let in a lot of sunlight, so it was quite glorious.

Orange Sky

The children really dragged their feet this morning getting their chores and routine done. So we didn't get to our devotion until 9:30am. Christina (8) said her belly was hurting so I suggested she go lay down. She slept for nearly two hours. After observing her these past weeks, I think she does better with an 8pm bed time than a 9pm bed time. In fact, most of my kids benefit from an earlier bed time, so I am adjusting it to 8pm.

Following our gorgeous, orange sky, the rain came, making for a rather gray morning. It's enough to make anyone sleepy. And when Christina lived in Ghana, they had regular power outages and she would often sleep during them.

Fridays are light school days for us. We do math and catch up on reading and work on crafts or projects. We also spend this day doing a more deep and thorough cleaning of the house. This is also a good time for me to catch up on or get ahead in my VA (virtual assistant) work for my clients.

I declare Friday's a Mommy Work day. I focus on house work and VA work.

After realizing a client project was taking longer than I thought, I decided to allow the children to watch Swiss Family Robinson on Netflix. I continued to plug away at the project, determined to get it finished before the afternoon was over. (And I did, woot!)

We have another ballet class to attend tonight so we need to leave by 4pm. I want to get some cleaning done before that happens, too. So I tidy my bedroom. Yep, that's as far as I got. The children had a snack before we left and we headed out.

And this girl? She grabs a winter coat for 65 degree weather. I just love that smile!

Christina in her Coat

I worked on my newsletter and answered some emails from clients while waiting for the class to end.

On the way home I pondered how Christina missed her lessons because she slept a couple extra hours in the morning. Normally my Type A side would be cringing from not getting her lessons done, but I remind myself of two things 1) We homeschool year round so we can make margin like this and 2) there is more to life than reading, writing, and math on a schedule. There really is. In fact, our kids need to hear more from us than just what they should be doing all the time.

Our children need a little leeway sometimes, just like we do. So I let it go and gave her the day off (without saying so).

Once we got home I started on dinner right away. We had baked parmesan chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. One of the most delicious recipes I've ever made. And of course I forgot to take a picture of it! I'm confident I'll make it again before the month is over.

The children then did their evening chores and routine and were in bed about 9:00pm.

Chores included clearing and wiping down dining room table, sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors, and emptying & loading the dishwasher. I take care of clearing and wiping down the counters and stove. Then when they put their pajama's on, they spend 5-10 minutes cleaning up their bedrooms. Then they brush their teeth and meet us in the living room for our evening Bible reading.

I must be doing something right, because my evening ended with my 7-year old telling me I was the best mommy he'd ever had.

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