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Math is my 11 year old daughter's least favorite subject, and Science is one of her favorites. This program steps in to meet the needs of both in different ways.

*I was given free access for one year to Uzinggo and was compensated for my time in exchange for this review. All opinions are completely my own. Please read my full disclosure for more detailed information.

Online Math Lessons

Constant book work can wear anyone down and once you get into upper level math, it gets harder to find tangible ways to illustrate problems.

But Uzinggo helps with that very aspect. Note the screen shots below.

My daughter is working through the Middle School program and loves it so much she has convinced me to renew our yearly membership.

Middle School Math Program
Middle School Math Program
Middle School Math Program

Each illustration shows several ways to accomplish the same thing. It demonstrates how fractions, decimals, and percentages are all related in a way my daughter could see and solidify in her mind.

Of course, this is just one of many examples! Uzinggo has all different modules, teaching different aspects of math including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry.

My daughter does not love math, by any stretch. But using Uzinggo as a rewarding supplement has been both beneficial and enjoyable for her.

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The independence of the program really helps free me up for a bit to work with my younger children. Something I absolutely love about this program is that is gives me as a parent access to my daughter's progress. So if I am unable to catch up with her work during the day, I can check out her progress in the evening when the children are in bed.

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Online Science Lessons

While the math offers her some reinforcement lessons in a fun way, the science program has introduced her to lots of new material that she is still learning to navigate.

The awesome thing about the way this program works is that you can go through the modules over and over again. It's not closed or locked once she completes it. This will allow her to go back to the material she didn't quite understand and learn it again.

The parental assessment allows me to see what she needs to go back and spend more time on. As you can see, my daughter could use some strengthening in Earth & Space Science. Most of what we've focused on in the past is Life Science.

Student Progress

The graphics in this software are eye catching and engaging.

Plant Ecosystems

I absolutely recommend this program, whether you are looking for a full science and/or math curriculum or a supplement, this is an excellent fit for both.

As a bonus, students can earn "zings" that add up to points which can be exchanged for things such as charitable donations or contest entries. A little incentive can go a long way!

We are currently using the middle school program but they also offer a high school program. Use code iHomeschool15 (case sensitive) for 15% off. This is valid even if you buy the subscription on a monthly basis, good for up to one year. Good for middle school and high school packages if you have students in more than one grade level.

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