Making Progress and More Projects {Husband Project}

What a week!!! Now, I have to admit, with all the buzz surrounding this series, I am surprised to see such scarce comments on Facebook about how the projects are going.

Everyday on Facebook, I post a photo inviting you to share how your project went the day before.

You can click the photos below to take you to each post and share with us how it went. If you don't have a Facebook, no problem!! Share in the comments.

Here is how some of your projects went last week:

" I let him opt-out of a birthday party we were going to. I made sure the kids and I were out of the house before he got home from work, and I made sure the house was nice and clean so he had a stress-free place to come home to. I think he spent most of the evening working on projects, but at least he could do them without two little boys slowing him down, and he commented on how nice the house looked when I got home :)" -Lauren

"When he walked in the house, I was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He had checked the mail (I put a card for him in the mailbox.) He swept me in his arms and gave me a passionate kiss without stopping to pet the dog who was going crazy at his feet. Usually the dog gets the first hello from everyone in the family because she's the most excited :) This morning as I was driving to work, we were talking on the phone, and he asked me if I had any idea how good I make his life. It's nice to hear confirmation like that from your husband!" -Hope
"My husband and the boys go once a month to a wrestling match that is put on. It is good clean family fun. I have never attend! Last my daughter and I gave up a quiet night at home to go with the guys. Everyone had a great time. And it was an excellent way for me to get out of my box!" -Crystal
"I handed my husband a bag of his favorite candy that morning, and made sure the children saw me do it, and I explained clearly to everyone that Daddy did not have to share it with anyone. (He did, of course.) :)" -Sheryl
Here's a screen shot of how my husband and I converse through texting on a daily basis:
Oh yes, we got this down. Aren't we pathetic? Ha ha, I love it!
If you feel like you are behind, you're not. Just jump in and share with where ever you are. These posts aren't going to go away. I get every single comment in my inbox, so I will not miss your comments.
Tell me what you're looking forward to most with the upcoming projects.