Make Everyday Like a New Year

I don't know what it is about the start of a new year, but it really does feel like a bit of a new beginning. It's no surprise why people want to make resolutions and try to break bad habits and create new ones. We feel motivated and empowered simply by the feel of a new start.

Some people seek to avoid making resolutions because they fear they will fail them anyways. Me? I am a goal setter and resolution maker! I love the opportunity to start afresh. I can't expect perfection--but I can expect progression.

Being afraid to fail is not going to stop me because I already fail everyday. I may as well stop breathing if I will not step out into something new for fear of failing.

I want to try. The Bible encourages us to strive for Christ and live righteous lives. It's OK to want to be a better person. Just know that isn't what gives us right standing with God. Rather, it's an outpouring of what has already been done for us. For me, it's like I can't help but want to continuously grow and mature in different areas of my life.

That's the heart change I pray for on a daily basis. Making goals simply puts feet and action to that change.

There are also those projects that have been piling up that I would love to get done. My expectations aren't to be perfect about accomplishing everything in a certain amount of time. My expectations are to simply try and keep trying, and to lean into Christ when I try and when I fail.

The ultimate goal is Christ and relationship with Him, not performance. I will not rely on whether I succeed or fail to determine my worth because it is always the same. I only know that when I fail to set standards that are above what I know I can reach, I am miserable. I am not built for mediocrity and cannot live in that way.

Do you know what's beautiful about the mercies of God? They are like the start of a new year, but every single day. If only every day could feel like the start of a new year; I think we'd be discouraged and disappointed a lot less! But it is true. Each day we wake up, we start afresh. Our mistakes and failures yesterday don't matter, they only hinder us from moving forward.

It's time to put this entire year behind us. Forget about all the things we failed to accomplish, focus on what we did, and move into the next year with high hopes for a deeper relationship with Christ.

That relationship is what moves us to action in the first place. Without hope in Christ, we have no hope for our future. We cannot put our hope in ourselves or our ability--we will fall short every time.

When our hope is in Christ and what He has already done, it empowers us to live for Him. He has given us that freedom! Let's use this freedom to serve Christ by serving others well in the coming year.

Tomorrow I'll share my one word for 2013.

Have you considered a one word resolution?

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