Make a Chalkboard Wall

Last week I had the bright idea of choosing a small wall and painting it with chalkboard paint. It's really not difficult nor expensive, as some may think. There are many uses for a chalkboard wall. I chose to make one to keep read alouds from different subjects current and fresh in my mind. Plus, the children can use the bottom half of the wall to create their own art.

I picked up two quarts of (affil link) chalkboard paint at $10 each from Home Depot. I didn't even use a full can for my project.

Make a Chalkboard Wall

I prepped my area. Yes, I taped--we're using black paint y'all.

  • I filled in nail holes with plaster, let it dry and sanded it down
  • I wiped the wall down with water and let dry
  • I taped off the wall so I didn't get black on walls I didn't want black
  • I removed the light switch cover and taped around that

I followed the directions on the can. Yes, it's always important to follow directions. ;)

  • I rolled out one coat of paint and let dry four hours
  • I rolled a second coat of paint and let dry four days
  • I conditioned the chalkboard by rubbing a large piece of sidewalk chalk over the entire wall (helps the chalk stick)

A few tips:

  • After you rinse the roller out for the second coat, be certain to soak all the water out of it with an old towel. Excess water can thin the paint in certain areas on your roller.
  • Peel off the tape shortly after you finish because you don't want the paint to fully dry, otherwise you'll be peeling the paint off with your tape

Where could you use a chalkboard wall in your home?

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