Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Advent. Something I really never took the time to recognize until last year.

It has opened my eyes to see Jesus in places I never looked.

I've been reading pieces of Nancy Guthrie's book, Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room, and at times will share a day with my children.

One such day was December 7 - "Name Him Jesus". The devotional talks about the importance in a name. That "the name Jesus was rich with meaning about who this child would be and what he would do."

This lead into conversation about each of my children's names [with the help of the Discussion Starters section]. We discussed how each child's name was chosen because of their specific meanings. However, our last baby was a bit more unique. God specifically gave us a name for our most recent baby. It means Beloved.

It was neat to see how each child's face lit with delight as they learned the significant meaning of their own name.

In light of this, I'm convinced God is not finished with me yet. Yes, I know the Scriptures make this clear. Precisely.

But, as I learn about giving and receiving grace, I also learn an amazing truth about my own name, first and middle.

It means: Christ Follower who Gives Grace.

This still stuns me.

All this wonder comes from a simple devotion, that helps us point Christmas to Christ. Points us to Christ, this Christmas.

How are you celebrating Advent this Christmas? What resources are you utilizing?

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