Lead Your Family Like Jesus: The Head

Vision Is Important We're on week three of our six week, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, summer book club.

This week's reading was the section on The Head. The content surrounds Family Values, To Do or Not to Do, and Staying on Course.


I couldn't agree more with the authors about creating a vision for your family. We cannot journey somewhere with no destination in mind. We'll only end up in circles, headed nowhere.

"Vision is important because leadership is about going somewhere. If your family members don't know where you're trying to take them, they'll have a hard time getting there--let alone getting excited about journey."

This makes so much sense. Children (and adults!) have a sense of security and purpose when they have a vision and know where they are headed. What vision have we given our children? What purpose? When they wake up in the morning, what purpose do they have to accomplish?

The most important vision I have for our family is to seek out the Lord Jesus Christ with our whole lives. Every day we live, needs to be about Him. That's what I want. And why? Because He is our purpose.


Just as Jesus was a servant to His people, so do I want to serve and teach my children to serve. But serving each other within the walls of our own home is but a place of training. We aren't to remain there, hidden from the world.

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

This isn't about bragging or showing off oneself. It's about showing off Jesus and being His hands and feet right outside our front door.

But there's a way to do it. We need to truly love the people in our community as individuals, not treat them as projects. Our goal isn't to get people saved. Our goal is to love people with no strings attached. That's what Jesus did and still does. Those are the footsteps I want to follow in.


Staying focused on our vision everyday is what will help us reach that destination. We as parents need to recognize that our children are in a season of training and learning. There will be lots of mistakes and childishness involved that we must keep into perspective. These are opportunities to help our children grow and mature; not for us to vent our anger because we are inconvenienced.

Think about how your reactions might affect your children in future mistakes. Do we want them to cover them up or be open and honest when they need help or support? All of life is a learning and growing process. None of us will ever "arrive" at perfection and sometimes I think we set our expectations on our children to that level. We think that because they've made a mistake and suffered the consequences, they will never make that mistake again. Sometimes it takes more than one time to learn a lesson. How many of you can relate to that?

Lead Your Family Like Jesus