Last Full Day

Day 9 and 10 October 8

Thankfully, Wednesday was better. I woke up feeling better and went downstairs to get my coffee. And because I'm writing this on Friday morning rather than Wednesday night, I honestly don't remember that far back. So on to Thursday!

October 9

Regular routine of wake up and have coffee. Felt quite well though the kids were a little slow getting moving. We started our devotions about 9:2oAM.

I pulled out Aesop's Fables and worked on training my Ghanaian daughters how to narrate. They read English well and understand spoken English very well, but they struggle to say back what they have read or what's been read to them. They are catching on and these little stories are just perfect to hold their attention for a short narration. My goal is not to make homeschooling overly complex for them, but to strengthen some things they already know and then expand from there.

Branching out too quickly will only spread them too thin before they are ready.

We worked through math and had lunch. My other children were keeping busy with independent work (history and literature readings, mostly)

And this is the day I realized writing about my life everyday is getting rather boring. So, in my next "day" I will share how we do devotions, specifically, since many of you have asked.

I will also share some of our dinner recipes, especially some of the new ones we've tried that have turned out awesome and don't take forever to prepare.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Let's shift the angle a bit and get in a little close in the coming days, shall we? :)

31 Days 2014