July Goals - Week 2

As I work these out, they are just taking some time. One thing that will be very beneficial is having a Daily Docket readily available so I can check off all the things I have planned  to do. I need it laid out, in front of me so that I remember! But, without further ado, here's how the week played out:

For July


Wake up before children (July habit) – includes time with God I did this one time because I'm going to bed too late, so that's something I need to keep working on.

Breakfast Challenge my first challenge is to wake up early (see above)

Drink water: – 32 oz per day (to start) I did this for a couple days, then fell off the wagon (so I'll get back on). Again, having the daily docket will help me remember to drink!

Read at least 30 minutes per day (from my book stack) Nope, didn't happen. :(

Continue house purge/organization I did clean out my pantry - that counts, right?

Take vitamins No. :(


Begin marriage book (and implement principals most relevant) Book hasn't arrived in the mail yet.


Read 2 chapters aloud, daily I started well with this in the beginning of the week, then slacked.

Finish math books Still working on it! Yay!

Direct & Inspect bedrooms each evening (July habit) Happening more regularly than usual, but not everyday yet.

Focus on 1000 Gifts Not so much.


Create and stick to working hours I do have a skeleton sketched out of how this will look

Create editorial calendar for remainder of July Eek! Haven't finished this yet

Write 300 words per day I did this once or twice

As you can see, I have my week cut out for me this week!! I don't expect change to happen overnight. My goal is to have something to aim for. And I definitely have more of a direction. This week I hope the daily docket will help me stay focused. I'll let you know! :)