Joy Through the Storm (or sickness)

Today, I was giving myself permission to take it easy. My husband even gave me permission. So I was going to work on some home school planning for the upcoming year.

However, my 3-year started vomiting this morning out of nowhere. He had several episodes over the next couple of hours then settled down a bit.

I've been on my toes keeping an eye on my other children and helping him along. Needless to say, resting or planning has not been on the agenda thus far.

But I am happy to say that, he is doing and acting better. Whatever it was seems like it came and went pretty quick. So, hopefully that was it and we can proceed with the day!

The point? Joyful mothering includes having joy, even through the rough spots. No, the day hasn't turned out how *I* planned it, thus far, but that just means I need to make adjustments.