Jonathan Takes Over Joyful Mothering

Hi!! I'm Jonathan, Christin's younger, louder and far more obnoxious half and I have come to take over Christin's blog. In my quest for world domination, I have decided the best first step was to hack into Christin's blog.  What shall I do with such power? Actually, I never thought that far ahead. To be honest, I saw many other Allume Husbands doing this and I didn't want to be left out. However, I will take a moment to be serious. My wife has been blogging and doing various internet social thingy's (my very technical term) for many years. She developed some friendships online and a few years back heard about an inaugural conference called Relevant and begged me to go. We didn't really have the money and I was sad that I couldn't let her go. Through some pulled strings and amazing blessings, Christin got sponsored to go and had an amazing time. She was a very small blogger and just wanted to get away, get some ideas and meet some people she looked up to. She came back with this crazy fire in her eyes. I was afraid. (just kidding) She was motivated and really pressed in to God for what the direction of her blog was to be. Slowly but surely, her blog began to grow.

She went back to Relevant the following year (a little advance planning goes a long way; hint hint future attendees.) She had made a name for herself and was greeted by people she had never met and for the shy introverted girl, she turned many different shades of red. She was accompanied by her cousin who hoped to glean from the experience as well. She came back motivated yet again and was on her way to some growth beyond what she had imagined.

This year, Christin returns to the renamed Allume with a passion to serve others that have helped her get this far. She joined the staff as Sarah Mae's Administrative Cracker Jack. Through her blogging, she was able to sponsor someone to go so that they could receive the same blessing that gave her the push she needed just a few years ago.

So to all you people in the blogosphere. Never give up. You don't know what tomorrow brings. Christin is in a place she never expected to be in only a few years ago. It just took some dedication and some mentoring from those who had been there before her. In the end, isn't that the point of all this? To help others make it through each day by the Grace of God.

God Bless you All


This is my stealthy side shot