(in)RL Conference

Have you heard? Have you seen the news around the blogsophere about (in)courage putting on a conference? (in)RL = in real life


This isn't your typical conference. You don't need hundreds of dollars to attend. You don't need child care. You don't even have to leave your home, if you don't want.

Here, check this out: You can host a meet up, or, find a meet up near you.

Whichever you decide to do, be sure you register for the Beachcast (it's only $10!), and you get a neat t-shirt, the Simply Marvelous card pack, and access to the live footage that will stream April 27-28.

If you choose to host, there is all kinds of hosting help for you.

There fun things that can go with your meet up (if you choose to host) and things for your guests. These are specially priced for the (in)RL event!


I have signed up to be a host -- even though I feel like it's waay out of my element. I am not a naturally hospitable person. Not that I am naturally "mean" or "rude".

Rather, I don't automatically think of the things that gifted hospitality artists would think of. But I'm going to do it anyways. Because if I constantly remain in what is comfortable, I will never fully live. I will never reach out and the gifts I do have to offer will never be given.

So, I chose to step out of my comfort and hope for the best!

I want to encourage you--challenge you even--to become part of this event. Connect with those real life friends around you and show them what (in)courage is if they don't know!

Have questions? Go here to have them answered (or ask more)!

Will you be joining me?