In Which I Admit My Humanity {Moms in the Word}

The reason I started the Moms in the Word community was to help myself and other moms to get in the Word daily -- and that remains it's goal today. However, I have been weighing myself down with the weekly blog post that I simply cannot always get to. Having seven children makes life quite unpredictable most days and while blogging is still important to me, I can't make commitments that I'm unable to follow through on. I don't want to be worried about an "overdue post" while I'm homeschooling my children because then they don't have my full attention. And honestly? I'm a little on edge when I'm stressing over things like that.

Moms in the Word Moved

I want the original Moms in the Word community and goals to continue, so I will continue to read the Word and share via Instagram and Twitter's faster and more efficient and allows me to remain focused on the most important goal: getting in the Word. 

I have also opened up the Facebook group so those interested in sharing can collaborate in an easier way. I hope you'll join me there? :)

This isn't to say I won't ever post regarding Moms in the Word, but I am not setting up specific days or times for it. I'll post as I feel lead. :)


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