I Received Grace Today

rel99 by sprittibee, on Pix-O-SphereFrom one who struggles with loving self and offering grace because I have not received love or received grace from the One who so freely gives it...

...today, I received Grace.

After a rocky morning of emotions because I woke up late and was not prepared - and yelling commenced out of the pit of frustrations and grogginess - I felt terrible. Yes, I was sorry. And normally, I would allow myself to sit in that state of being - not conviction...but guilt.

Conviction would come and go, normally, because I would not act on it, but rather sit on it. And sitting on it would cause it to turn to guilt, which only made me worse and made more anger and frustrations rise.

But no, today I acted. First, I asked God for forgiveness. And then, I met with each of my children and without blinking, they gave me grace.

That's love.

That's why Jesus tells us to be like little children. Because they are so much like Him - they offer grace as a gift and without thinking first about all the wrong things we've done. My children are a gift.

Receiving grace gives freedom to love again - and to love better. It frees my heart of the heavy burden of guilt.

Isn't grace lovely? In all it's splendor, I have forgotten it's beauty. It has been too long since we've held hands. Too long since I've answered "yes" to it's call.

Do you need to receive grace today? Let me encourage you: do not deny this priceless gift God extends to you. He died so we could have it - He did the hard part. Receiving graces gives you power to live in the Spirit.