I Purged My Kitchen Cupboard

My kitchen is not too bad in the clutter department. I tend to keep things pretty purged as I go, but I'm not always great with keeping everything organized. Over time, things just get thrown here and thrown there and it makes it harder to find things. But over the course of the week, I did manage to purge out one cupboard/shelf that I use for homeschool supplies. Now folks, I know this may not look like much, but trust me....




I actually wish I would've had time to do more, because I'd like to reorganize my spice cabinet. That's why homemaking is such an ongoing lifestyle! There is always more to be done, but in and around the nurturing of the family. My expectations almost always run higher than my reality.

In fact, check out this reality: The day I posted this challenge, I cleaned my kitchen (mopped floors even!) I decluttered the counter and microwave. I was having a little birthday party the next day for my 4-year old son. Did I remember to take "before" pictures. No. I didn't even take "after" pictures (because I didn't take before pictures). But today? They are cluttered all over again! Gah! This is the reality of it folks!

See? These challenges are just as much for ME as they are for YOU. :D I struggle with the practical side of things. Oh, I have all sorts of solutions, trust me! But,the excitement of a new resource or teaching can only motivate us so far. Once we get that initial "revelation" and begin to act upon it, we must walk with Jesus daily to continue to live it out. We're in a battle!

The one thing [thus far] I want to do is paint my kitchen. It is all white and from the late 50's. White + five children = not a good idea! We already bought the paint, I just have to get to work. It's going to be a Nutmeg brownish. I promise I'll do before and after pics of THAT. :)

So, how did you do this week? Don't forget to link up your post on Kitchen Purge {Homemakers Challenge} so I can visit you!