I Don't Have Time For God

I don't have have time for God. 

That is what all my excuses boil down to, and nothing less.

I'm too busy mothering, homeschooling, working, cleaning, and entertaining myself when I'm too tired to do anything else. God just gets pushed aside. But I justify it by saying He understands or there's grace. But am I just pushing my own human emotions on God? Does He really understand that I put everything else above Him?

I'm not satisfied with this and I realize that meeting with God regularly isn't a matter of discipline; it's a matter of depravity. I'm empty without Him. I have nothing to give when I don't come to the well to be filled. And when I am filled with junk that needs to be emptied? I need to come to Him.

I need to be honest with myself about my priorities otherwise I'm just deceiving myself. 

This is why I started Moms in the Word.

Because I need accountability and I have a feeling I am not alone. So, whether we study a book of the bible together or study different things, we unite with the Word. 

Anything you study or read in the Bible counts, as long as it penetrates into your soul and doesn't simply remain head knowledge or something to check off your to-do list of being a "good Christian". 

My reasons stem from a deep need. I feel the emptiness when I neglect His presence. The only one who can set my priorities is me. 

You will see me posting variously on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram so you can keep me accountable on a daily basis. For Twitter and Instagram, I will use the #MomsInTheWord hashtag.