Hungry For His Word {plus a few announcements}

I have had a large appetite to dig into the Word lately. I have been doing some memorizing and thumbing through verses here and there, but I haven't really dove in and taken in a lot. I am just so hungry for His word. I decided to jump in with the Bible in 90 Days challenge, even though they are 64 days into it. I thought about waiting for the next round, but I just can't wait that long. I did the challenge in the summer, but got off track after I had my son. I only got as far as Acts. :( I may not have finished, but the peace and satisfaction I received from being in His word consistently was amazing. I want need that again.

I am also wanting to do a Bible study though. Something weekly. I am thinking about doing something here on my blog, but haven't really worked out all the bugs yet. Any suggestions?

Forgive my somewhat informal post today. I am feeling a bit scatter-brained but needed to get some things written down. It's all about being real, right. :) I had a busy weekend, and have a busy week ahead, so I may not get a whole lot of posting done this week, unfortunately.

Thursday you can look forward posting this weeks Homemaker's Challenge. Friday I will be posting over at Raising Homemakers and as a result we will be taking a break from Homemakers Challenge until next week. But, it will give those "behind" a chance to work on the past challenges if they so desire. :) Linky's should still be open so feel free to add your link at any time!! To get to all the Homemaker's Challenges simply click the Homemakers Challenge button on my sidebar and it will take you to them. :)

Joyful Mothering will slowly be adding some new features in, so hang with me. I am loving the Homemakers Challenge, but have a strong desire to do something centrally focused on our children--something of a nurturing nature. As I work on creating that, I may be asking for your help by having a poll or a Facebook discussion. Please offer your feedback so I can create the best way to help you meet the needs of you and your children. :)

Anyways, that's the gist for this week. I hope to get a lot accomplished today so that I have some free minutes to write again before Thursday. But if not, have a great week! In the mean time, perhaps I'll hop around and visit blogs. ;-)