How We Use Betty Lukens Bible Felt

Any time I mention using felt during our Bible reading times, I'm often met with a raised eyebrow. "Bible felt? I remember seeing that in Sunday school as a kid." In today's age of modern technology and all the "new" ways to learn the Bible, not many people are expecting to see felt boards still in use.

BettyLukensFelt1 When I was browsing through a website one day, I came across a high recommendation for the use of Betty Lukens Bible Felt. Looking at the product page and all it had to offer, I quietly tucked it into the back of my mind {and wrote it on our homeschool "list to buy"}.

When I ordered the small deluxe set and it came in the mail, I was excited to see I got more than I  bargained for.


Upon looking at the detail in the pieces, and the quality of the felt, and more importantly, the excitement in my children, I knew I put my money in the right place.

So, here's how we use it.


Each Monday, I tell the story using the felt. It lasts about 10 minutes. I have 5 children, ranging in ages from 9 down to 13 months.


The story, the felt pieces, the verse, they are all laid out at the top of the story. It even includes suggestions for how to arrange your felt.



After I read the story, I allow each child his/her own time to play with the felt and recreate the story or tell their own story, by themselves. This allows them to be themselves without anyone watching.


Included is a CD-R that is full of coloring sheets and activity sheets to do with each story. So for any of my children who are interested, I put these on the table to do at their leisure during this Bible time.

The following days, each child tells the rest of us the story, using the felt, in his/her own words. So, on Tuesday, my eldest daughter tells us the story. She is 9.

On Wednesday, my 6 year old tells us the story. Sometimes he needs a little help.

And so on, down the line.



Once we have finished with that story for the week, we return the felt to its home, in its own filing system.

051 050

Each piece has its own space, in its own category.


All my pieces haven't been fully trimmed yet because we haven't used them all yet. But I cut them down enough to file so they were easier to find as I needed them. {MUCH less time consuming}.

This is a 3-year curriculum if you do one story per week. This is one tool we use to engage with the Bible stories and really visualize what we read. It has tremendously helped gain the attention of my young children and helped them remember the story. In addition, all the little aspects play a role in accomplishing this.

  • The coloring sheet.
  • The children interacting with the felt.
  • The children telling the story in their own words.

It has become a wonderful asset to our home and learning the Bible.