How To Handle Road Blocks or Detours {Moms in the Word}

God's Voice Acts 16:6-40

This passage gives us a glimpse into how the Philippian church began, and some of the difficulties and pain Paul and Silas endured on the way. There were certain places the Holy Spirit would not even permit them to preach. Instead they waited on God to know where to go.

The Path We Walk

In a sense, I can relate. I think many of us can relate to being on a difficult road, especially when we can't see how (or if) we are going to reach our destination. I think it's so pertinent to know the voice of God so we can know when and where to go. We each have a path to walk and God's Word (and voice) are our map. When we aren't following Him, we lose our way. We veer off the path and wonder why we feel lost and alone. It's because we stopped following the map. Maybe we thought we could make our way on our own, put the map away, and got lost.

We plead and beg for help, but all along we all need to do is pull our map {Bible} out and follow it's leading; it's direction.

In the Dark

Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down what we need at the moment we need it. In Paul's case here, the Holy Spirit tells him not to preach in Asia. There is no record showing why he was given those directions. Just that he was to obey them. He was in the dark on the reasonings, yet he chose to obey without question.

In the case of our adoption process, which seems to be at the front of everything in our lives right now, I have struggled with feeling left in the dark. We have spent so much time just waiting without knowing how long or what's going on behind the scenes. The temptation for fear has been consistent. The question of "why?" hasn't gone away. But knowing we are on the path God has placed us, has offered a measure of peace. It's simply hard not knowing how far the path is before we reach our destination: the homecoming of our girls.

Learn to Trust

So, what I have needed during this time of waiting? I have needed peace and patience. I am learning how to trust God in all the ways I cannot see. I can't say I've been happy about the learning process of it all, but the fact of the matter is, it is teaching me to trust God in new ways; on completely new levels. I am learning that with trust comes that peace.

Though we may not have all the answers, God has good purpose and will not waste the pain; the hardships we endure.

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