How to Write an Ebook - Part 1

The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Sometimes we want to write an eBook, but we aren't sure what to write about. Maybe you have a hundred ideas floating around. Maybe you have none.

I tend to birth my ideas from two things:

1) passion for a topic

2) need for the information

Now, don't let number 2 trip you up. Just because something similar has been published before, doesn't mean there isn't a need for your voice and your perspective on the topic. People in your circle may have never come across the information yet. Maybe some have just discovered a need for the information.

Either road takes you, first, to the brainstorming stage of the creative process.


Grab a pen and notepad and start jotting down all your ideas.

  • Write down topics you're passionate about
  • Write down topics you've come across that have a need to be written
  • Write down what your readers say they need
  • Write down anything relative, whether you think you'll use it or not

If you are really dry on writing topic ideas, take a poll from your readers! You can create the poll on your blog and/or on Facebook. See what people are most in need of. Then decide which one would be best from you to write about.

It doesn't have to be majority rules. You'd be surprised at how writing to one person will attract many.

Once you do have narrowed a topic, you'll want to do a little research.


It's always good to have a little background information about your topic. This helps you expand on the topic in ways you may not have thought of on your own.

I utilize Google search for anything I need information on.

  • Type in keywords to bring up information on your topic
  • Jot down notes that will help you expand your topic
  • Write down missing pieces you think would be of value to include

After you've researched and taken some notes, you'll want to map out your ideas.

Mind Map

This part of the process cuts down on a lot of wasted time staring at the screen, not knowing where to begin.

Put your main idea in the middle, and branch out ideas related to the topic. You can see an example of this in the photo at the top of this post.

This helps give your thoughts direction and also prevents things from being forgotten.

Once you have a good handle on your topic and have gathered a decent amount of information, you'll move on to the next phase of assembling your eBook in order, and begin writing your first draft.

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