How To Transition Well

I have been learning some valuable lessons as I have been dealing with a lot of transition in the last weeks and months. I haven’t handled them very well. Not as well as I could. The transition between selling and buying a house, and then moving, for example, has been more difficult then I anticipated. Even though things have been moving along relatively quickly, I find myself antsy to just get on with it so we can get moved in and settled. As a result, I tend to put “life” on hold through this transition just waiting for things to happen. But I find it only further frustrates me.

Transition is a journey we should embrace

A few things I have learned about how to transition well include:

Stay close to God.

Sometimes when we face change or difficult situations, we can automatically cling closer to Christ, drawing from His strength.

But there are times when we begin to withdraw. Through difficult times, we can believe things told to us or brought on through our own imaginations that simply aren’t true. But they are very believable lies. Not hard to fall for. Not hard to be deceived by.

Once we begin to entertain these lies, they push away the Truth and it (He) becomes harder to hear. And even harder to believe.

Even transition is a journey we should embrace, because it’s an important step in the process of change. It gives us an opportunity to pray for what lies ahead and how God can use and change us for good. Not necessarily a painless process, but a good one.

Be intentional.

I think being intentional during transitions are vital for stability. Trying to live our lives as normally as possible may be the best thing we can do during a transition. Or, if you need to change the schedule up a bit, at least having a schedule will help maintain a sense of balance. It helps us not focus on the upcoming change too much and keeps us in the loop of life, rather than withdrawing from it.

Not all transitions can allow for this. But I believe many can. I have recognized that withdrawing during the wait or transition only wastes precious time as well as keeps me on edge as I feel like I am constantly thinking about what’s to come. I’m robbing myself of the present by thinking and waiting for the future in unproductive ways.

Consider it all joy.

Transitioning isn't always easy.  But we can walk this journey with joy. Having joy doesn’t always mean we’re happy and smiling. But it does mean we carry ourselves in a way that people know (i.e. our children and those especially close to us) we trust God’s got this and we can rest in Him. That doesn’t always mean our emotions will follow suit. But we can keep them in check when they begin to take over. David and Job cried out to God in their distress and it wasn’t considered sin.

Give your emotions to God when they begin to push you around. He will offer you peace.

What's the hardest thing about transitioning for you?