How To Have An Effective Quiet Time

A few months back I wrote a post called How to Make Your Quiet Time Meaningful. Many people are simply at a loss on where to start and how to really connect with God and make those moments count. When connections aren't made or we feel the time isn't spent effectively, we stop making the effort to have those quiet times.

Friends, do not allow yourself to be so easily robbed. As mothers, when we go about our days feeling empty and defeated, and believe we're all alone, it's most likely because we haven't been regularly meeting with God and allowing Him to fill us up by feasting on Truth.

...we choose what captivates our minds. pg.6

My friends Lara and Katie have put together this wonderful book to help those of you who have been struggling with creating a meaningful and effective time with the Lord.

Michelle, Kat, Lara, Katie

They address important questions such as why it's important to have a regular quiet time and what makes it effective. Step-by-step they take you through the process of developing a quiet time, studying God's word,  memorizing Scripture, and applying it to your life. In addition, they share any necessary tools you will need.

They also address common struggles such as dealing with distractions.

"Abiding in His Word takes diligence and thoughtful living. Believing His word to be true and applicable to my daily moments takes effort and endurance." pg. 6

Developing and keeping a regular quiet time does not happen by accident or chance. It should not be left to default. It is something that ought to be so vital to our lives that missing one would have a great effect on our life, not just our day. It's not the quiet time itself that is deemed worthy - it's the appointment with God and making it meaningful.

Katie and Lara take the important elements of connecting with God and break them down for further understanding.

In many ways, this is simple, basic foundations of living out our faith. But sometimes, we need to get back to the basics, don't we? Sometimes, we never knew the basics.


Savoring Living Water is available as a PDF, on your Kindle, Nook, or as a hard copy {which I have and love}.

Also, $2 of every sale goes to OneVerse, to translate the book of Philippians into a new language. You can read about their crazy {awesome} goal here.

If you're someone who has struggled with how to make much of your quiet time, I highly recommend this book.