How to Get the Most Out of Facebook

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When I talk about Facebook, I am talking out your Facebook page, not profile. A page is something you can create outside your profile that people can "like". But you must have a profile to create a page.

Many people have expressed how unhappy they are with Facebook and I totally understand the frustration. It seems to me Facebook has a barrier one needs to get through in order to break into their reach.

Currently, I run two Facebook pages: Joyful Mothering and Christin Slade. The Christin Slade page is much newer and it's reach is harder to break through.

On Joyful Mothering, I went through this same barrier until one day I busted through the barrier and my reach and "likes" have flooded ever since. What did I do?

I changed the way I post, strategically place my posts, and have been super consistent about posting.

If you are struggling to break through that barrier, consider these steps and don't give up until you get through:

Change the way you post

Don't just throw anything up to have something up. Be very intentional about what you post and consider posts that get the most attention. Do not over promote--not just yourself but anything. ENGAGE with your community. These include:

  • Photos - you want to use clear, eye catching photos, especially with text, that will grab your readers attention. You can utilize PicMonkey for free to add overlays and text to your photos. Here is an example:The Gospel Isn't Life Management
  • Links with photos - rather then posting a link and allowing Facebook to grab an, often non-relevant, photo from the site, delete the preview box and upload the best looking photo from that particular post to include with the link. (This means you'll need to save it to your computer). Also, include a quote or personal blurb about the post you are sharing (whether it's yours or someone else's)
  • Post relevant questions - when you post a question relevant to your community, you offer an opportunity for engagement. This engagement reaches out to more walls as more people comment. It may be slow going at first if your page has not made much headway. But be patient! And keep at it!

Strategically place your posts

Know your peak times for posting. This might take a bit of trial and error, but watching your page insights will give you a clue into when your posts get the most reach. Post at those times. There is a general idea of what times are best, but it really does vary based on your own audience.

My audience is mostly stay at home moms and I find my best reached posts are between 9-10am EST, 12pm EST, before 4pm and sometimes even around 8pm EST. Monday thru Friday.

So, that's when I stick to posting, and links get the best attention between 9am and 2pm EST so that's when I post links.

On the weekend I will often share some Instagram photos through my Facebook page and people really like that because it offers them a peek into my real life. So those do get attention on the weekends.

Be consistent

I cannot stress this enough. Along with following the above two strategies, you must be consistent about posting--what you post and when you post. This is what is going to break that barrier into furthering your reach. It could take months to do this, so you must be patient.

Consider this, though--Facebook is more than just for driving traffic back to your blog. It is my number 2 traffic driver (used to be my first until Pinterest came along), but it's more than that.

Facebook is about connecting with people outside your blog. This helps draw them into your blog. Sometimes this can take time, but once you get past that barrier, it's almost effortless.

The goal is to focus on engagement first. Not trying to make conversions. Because when you engage, the conversion automatically follows (in most cases).

So, these are the three things that are a must on Facebook. It is super important that what you share on Facebook has value to it. Because if it doesn't, people stop paying attention. They will either "unlike" the page or simply hide it. Hiding the page from their feed stifles your reach. You do not want this! Do not share people's work just to share it.

Share people's work because it's worth sharing.