How To Fit In Time Alone With God

Often times as mother's, we want to find shortcuts throughout our days that make our lives easier and save time. Multitasking becomes a way of life, especially when you have several young children to care for. We do this so often we become pros. We can teach while cleaning the kitchen, dancing to praise with the 2-year old, and make homemade bread, all while balancing a rake and fish bowl on our head. Yes, we become be good at the balancing act. Cat in the Hat balancing act

But there are some things that need a space of their own. One of those things is time with Jesus. Let's face the truth friends. We are filled with excuses on why we do not meet with God regularly ~ myself included at times. The most popular ones being that we are too busy or too tired.

We need to ask ourselves, and be brutally honest: what do we value most? We say we love Jesus and we're living for Him, but our actions driven by our priorities say otherwise.

Living our lives for Christ means we automatically put Him at the top of everything we do. But not only is He on the top, but He is also in between everything we touch and do throughout each day of our lives.

Many teacher's of the Word and even experienced moms have said that they believe the best time to get with God is first thing in the morning. Why is that?

It's simple. When we begin our day in fellowship with God, it sets the tone for the entire day. I have heard it over and over from mom's doing Hello Mornings or Good Morning Girls. All these women have the same goal: to get up early and meet with God. They know from  experience it helps prepare them to greet their children in the morning and begin the day armed and ready for battle.

Sunbeams on the Church by michellerose, on Pix-O-Sphere

Friends, only you are in control of setting aside time to be with God. We can't blame our lack of time on anyone else. We make the choice on what we do with our time. In order to free up time, we might have to make some hard decisions on what we need to let go of.

There is no way around getting in real time with God. You can't squeeze it in here and there and hope it will be enough. If you're desperate to get with Him, then you just gotta make it happen.

I often hear mom's use the excuse, "Well, God knows my heart and that's all that matters." Yet, I don't think they realize what they are saying when they pronounce this.

"Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." ~Matthew 12:24

When you use that "God knows my heart" as an excuse, it already shows what's in your heart regarding time with God. You have made it very clear that He is not a priority, and your actions will follow that. Saying that "God knows your heart" is an excuse and it is not a biblical stance for not doing what God has called us to do.

"The heart is deceitful, above all things..." Jeremiah 17:9

God has called us to diligently seek Him and rewards those who do so. He also says those who seek Him will find Him. {Hebrews 11:6; Jeremiah 29:13}

Since this is true, than the opposite must also be true. If we are not seeking Him, we will not find Him.

Friends, are you ready to give up something in order to find Him whom you desperately seek?