How to Build Your Platform

So many people are searching for how to get their message out among thousands of other voices in their niche. Now has never been an easier time to be heard. But you have to have an exciting and powerful message to share. Today, it's not enough to create compelling work--whether it's writing, music, a service, art, etc. If you want people to know your work (or your blog) exists, you have to get the people around you first; you have to build a platform.

Nobody can build a platform for you. It's something only you can invest your time and self in, for it to be authentic.

The question is, how do you build a platform?

It's not as difficult or far out there as you may think. Michael Hyatt has done it.

Michael blogged for over 3 years before getting his first 500 readers. But then the world of social media began to change and Michael learned how to use them as tools to build relationships with people.

In his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael breaks down the process of building a platform, offering clear direction and steps.

I have been following Michael's blog for over a year and his information is always tested (on himself) and it does not disappoint. His book, Platform is no exception. It is packed with excellent information, including

  • what creates a compelling product (writing, book, music, art, service, etc)
  • how to prepare to launch that "product"
  • building your home base (your blog)
  • expanding your reach (Facebook and Twitter)
  • connecting with your tribe (those who follow/like you, subscribe to your blog, comment, etc)
  • and of course monetizing your blog

This isn't some far-fetched scheme that hasn't been tested yet. This book is built on Michael's own experience with building his platform and what worked (and what didn't). And rest assured, it had nothing to do with being the former CEO of Thomas Nelson. (Seriously, it didn't).

It's very easy to follow and understand. I have a list of things I plan to implement based on the information I learned from reading  the pre-released copy I was given.

If you have something unique to share, want to build your blog and expand your reach, I suggest grabbing a copy of this book. And here's a HUGE bonus. I mean HUGE. Ginormous, even.

If you buy Platform this week, you get SEVEN awesome bonuses, worth over $395. I'm not kidding; and they are fantastic.

Check 'em out here then scroll down.

I was given an advanced copy of Platform to review in exchange for my honest review.