How I Manage Blogging and my Business with Mothering and Homeschooling

Last weekend I went to the Allume conference, which is a Christian Women's Blogging conference. It was an incredible weekend.

Several women approached me asking how I "do it all".

Because I blog, work as an Allume team member, and just recently launched my own virtual assistant and blog consulting business, as well as homeschool, people are asking how I do it.

First, I need to be clear. While I do work for several bloggers as a virtual assistant, I do not work 40 hours per week for each of them--or even combined. I work anywhere from 1-2 to 3-4 hours per week, per client. And some weeks, I don't have any work for some of them. On average, I work about 15 hours per week.

But there are some seasons, such as the 3 weeks leading up to Allume, when I have more hours then normal from any given client or project.

There are a few things that I keep in check in order to manage my family and my blogging/business.

Planning and Organization

I have to have a plan. If I don't know the best times to work on certain projects, I won't be the most productive assistant. I need to keep social media in its place so it's not sucking away precious time from my children or my productivity.

If I am not at least somewhat organized, I will forget things. When you have 5+ clients plus blog advertisers, it's very important to keep all their projects organized


I keep a schedule to help me make the most of my time. In the mornings I home school. For a few hours in the afternoon I work. My day resembles this:

5am - wake, quiet time/check in with #hellomornings, write, answer pressing emails, schedule social media for clients and myself

7am - breakfast, Bible reading, chores, ready children for day

9am-12pm - homeschool (clean in between)

12pm - lunch

1pm - toddler naps; mama works, babes play

4pm - tidy house and start dinner

5:30 - eat and clean up kitchen

6:30 - daddy time/reading time/game time/free play (depending on the evening) - sometimes I work during this time

8:30 - bed time routine

9:00 - children in bed - I read books or write on my blog; 1-2 times per week we have an in-home date night


Unless I'm trying to meet a deadline, I don't work in the evenings or on weekends. I use those times to feed my brain with either inspiration or knowledge on how I can be a better mother, homeschooler, writer, assistant, blogger, etc. I also use that time to write.

My children do not watch television during the week, so I'm not tempted to just turn the TV on for them while I work. Instead, they are required to find something productive to do. Sometimes it's Legos, sometimes it's a CD book, sometimes my eldest 2 spend the afternoon writing their own books! And sometimes, yes, they get bored.

No, my house isn't perfectly clean--and it wasn't before I started blogging and running a business either! My husband doesn't complain, but I do the best I can and train my children to help as well.

This schedule gives me rails to ride on, so when I derail (and I do), I know I have a guide to get back on and follow.

Do you have any questions about my schedule or other ways I manage? :)