Where the Learning Happens

Homeschool Room 1

We don't have a designated homeschool room, so to speak. But I really think it's a blessing, because then my children don't get the feeling that learning happens only in a specific place or room. Learning is always happening. And having the children at the dining room table working while I clean or cook is super helpful for all of us.

We utilize the dining room table for things like writing, math, and projects.

Homeschool Room 2

The living room is used for quiet reading and read alouds. As well as audio books. That book shelf next to the couch houses our current books for the year. Books rotate through there often because it's not a super large shelf and most of our books are stored on bookshelves in the basement.

Our home is our center for learning.

So, nice and simple, nothing fancy, but certainly functional.

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